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“Delivering results for your brand by caring like it’s our own. We make it our mission to provide you with the expertise to take your brand to the next level” – Arman Ananian, founder



1) Act with honesty & integrity
2) Create a culture of innovation & continuous improvement
3) Lead by example
4) Go the extra mile
5) Accept responsibility
6) Be enthusiastic
7) Always be learning
8) Be humble
9) Commit to dominating

How do you know if someone is “legit” in the online advertising space?

Well, imagine you and I are sitting next to each other in a room and reviewing the different proposals, consider me, Arman, your trusted friend in the space. These are the questions I would tell you to ask:

This is an open ended question where you’re pretty much looking for advantages that directly correlate to your success, an example could be if they say that they have been running campaigns for x amount of time. Be careful with empty claims which are very common unfortunately.
In this one you’re really looking for proof of past success and peace of mind that these guys aren’t just playing around for the first time with your money. Also the closer the case study is to your industry or niche the better, that most of the time means that they’ll be able to implement similar strategies which increases your chances of running a successful campaign.
After the first two questions, here is where you filter the pros from the average ones, can they talk about current/innovative strategies that are giving his clients an edge and therefore, would give YOU an edge over your competitors? I promise you, this question will throw off inexperienced ones and will delight experts.

Here you go, now you have an easy to follow cheat sheet to filtering through potential agencies!! Since you’re here go ahead and fill the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in touch with you!

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