It’s a trick question!

When running a business, promotion is always an essential part of your marketing strategy. And of course, you want to ensure that you advertise in a way that maximizes your budget and ROI. But the question is how? Is it through organic social promotion or through paid promotion? Which one do you really need?

I know you’re all wondering, but one thing is for sure: you need BOTH. As a marketing professional, I have been using both paid and organic tactics in my social media strategies with the right channels. Here are the takeaways:

-Organic social promotion will give you the extra push to reach out to your target audience, get the word out of your business, drive traffic and generate cold calls, and build trust and authority for your brand and will only cost you little to nothing in your marketing budget. In other words, it’s a cost-effective and long-term solution.

-Paid promotion will give you immediate results with more detailed analytics on your paid ads, quick sales, more controlled customer journey, and a variety of ad options. Your ads will then be labelled with “Sponsored” or a “Promoted” tag.  Its costs vary from every social media platform you will use, but it is often settled through a bidding process.

-A solid organic social promotion will help you improve your online presence and reputation, and a paid promotion will help you increase your brand’s reach and awareness to targeted audiences. Managing both tactics is important and if it’s well-executed, it’ll be worth the effort.

Now, are you ready to expand your business using organic social promotion and paid promotion? Let me know.

About the author : ArevMedia Team

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